English Accent Teachers

What qualifications should a teacher have?

Your coach should be a qualified phonetician and teacher. Qualifications in phonetics include a BA or MA in Linguistics, a certificate from the International Phonetic Association, or a Diploma/MA in voice studies. Any teacher should also hold a CELTA, DELTA or PGCE teaching qualification. Experience is also key in choosing a teacher, the more experience they have, the more effective their classes will be.

What if there are no qualified teachers in my area?

You can study 'An English Accent' with a native speaker or alone, as it is designed to be used for self-study. This is still an effective way to study and you should find that you make plenty of improvements.

Is it possible to study teaching at Pronunciation Studio?

It will be from mid-2011. We will be opening a training academy for up and coming teachers and phoneticians to learn the ins and outs of the trade. Contact us for details.

I am an accent teacher and I want to supply your course in my local area, what shall I do?

Contact us. We are happy to supply materials and advertising to teachers outside of London provided they are professionals.

I would like to work with the Pronunciation Studio, are there any jobs available?

Pronunciation Studio is a collective. We are always interested in hearing from new people who have something to offer our school. Please get in touch!