Pronunciation Studio is a speech school for non-native speakers of English in central London.

Founded in 2006, the Studio has grown steadily since. Its aim is to bring a new angle to student's English studies by covering aspects of speech that are not normally covered on general English courses - elements such as phonetics, speech structure and intonation.

Following demand for courses outside of London, in 2010 the Pronunciation Studio launched the 'An English Accent' project, which makes their research, course materials and methods available to anyone in the world via the internet.

Staff at the Pronunciation Studio are professional phoneticians, teachers and actors. We offer courses for groups and individuals, which are designed according to the students' mother tongues.

Located in King's Cross, the Studio is a stone's throw from the world famous University College London department of phonetics and speech science, where all of the teachers have studied and qualified at some point. It is also opposite the British Library, which contains the biggest archive of accents in the world.

To find out more about the Pronunciation Studio, please visit their web site.