The World's First Ever IPA Comic Book.

Mister schwa is an English man with a difference - his head is a schwa! He is a modern gentleman, although like most English men, he drinks too much beer. His wife is called Mrs. Fricative. They love each other, but like any couple, are prone to the odd argument.

You can follow Mister Schwa's phonetic adventures on this page.

Mister Schwa in Breakfast!

Story - after a heavy night out drinking beer, Mister Schwa goes to his favourite cafe for breakfast and to be served by his favourite waitress - Mrs. Jones.

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Mister Schwa & Mrs Fricative in 'Michael Wells'.

Story - Party time at Mister Schwa and Mrs Fricative's house, but there is an unwelcome guest, and conversation turns to who could have invited him.....

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