32 hour course for self-study or classroom use containing:

120 page course book & 200 audio files (mp3 format).

Designed for non-native speakers of English to enable you to improve your pronunciation, rhythm, stress and intonation, with practice applying the techniques learnt, your accent will improve and you will gain control over your voice.

There are 8 chapters, each split into the following sections:

  • Vowel Sounds - Recognising & producing the 19 vowel sounds of English.
  • Consonant Sounds - Recognising & producing plosive, fricative, nasal, affricate & approximant sounds.
  • Spelling & Sound - How to interpret silent letters, strange spellings, -ed & -s endings, suffixes.
  • IPA - Using the International Phonetic Alphabet as a study tool.
  • Structure - Applying English structures such as weak forms, joining, assimilation and stress to speech.
  • Intonation - Recognising, interpreting and producing the 3 English intonation patterns.

The course comes omplete with 200mp3 audio files for you to practice with. Recorded with professional London based actors and phoneticians to accompany the course material (see 'about' for more information on them).

To try the first chapter of the course with audio, and see if it is right for you, please click here to download a free sample. If you are ready to buy the full course (with 28-day money back guarantee) please go to e-book.