About us.

'An English Accent' was created by a group of phoneticians, English teachers and actors based in London. Most of the people involved work at the Pronunciation Studio in London. Below is some information about us:

Joe Hudson - Author, Voice

Joe founded the Pronunciation Studio in 2006, he has worked with students from all over the world. 9 years of experience as a teacher have gone into his published materials.

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Jethro Skinner - Voice

Jethro is a Theatre, Film and Television actor working extensively throughout Britain, Europe and Asia. He has performed on Shakespeare's Globe, Bristol Old Vic and York Theatre Royal and has appeared in the majority of British television staples. Jethro is currently an active member of the London based artistic collective The Factory Theatre Company."

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Sarah Bedi - Voice

Sarah trained at the Old Vic Theatre School and is a regular performer on the London stage. Her roles range from Shakespeare (Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Richard III) and modern television dramas (Holby City, The Bill) to BBC radio appearances (Parallel lines).

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Erica Buist - Author of Extra Materials, Voice

Erica is a qualified teacher and phonetician at the Pronunciation Studio. She is no stranger to the live stage - working regularly as an actress and comedian on the London circuit. She has created and recorded extra materials for the course, available to download on the web site.

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Tom Wisniowski - Research Assistant

Tom is an experienced teacher and qualified phonetician. He works as a teacher with the Pronunciation Studio and is currently developing new materials for the 'An English Accent' project.