English Intonation Patterns

There are 3 Intonation Patterns in spoken English:

Click here to listen to the word 'no' said with each pattern.


Intonation is an important aspect of spoken English. It shows the speaker's attitude to the words they are using. Some of the most important uses of intonation are:

  • Concepts of new and old information.
  • Closed and open meaning in questions.
  • Correction.
  • Implication.
  • Contrast.

In 'An English Accent' you will learn how to produce and recognize these patterns. This will improve your understanding and production skills.

In the Course

Each chapter contains a section on intonation as follows:

Chapter Intonation
1 Introduction
2 Wh- Questions
3 Yes/No Questions

Question Tags

5 Tone Units
6 Fall-Rise
7 Contrast
8 Review

Free Sample

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