IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet

English is not a phonetic language, we do not say what we write. IPA shows us the sounds rather than the spellings of words. For this reason it is an excellent study tool for any non-native speaker of English. With IPA and a dictionary, you can accurately pronounce any word in English.

The IPA Chart

Below is the English IPA chart:

IPA Transcriptions

You can find IPA transcriptions of individual words in a dictionary.

Below is a phonetic transcription of an English conversation containing IPA and intonation marks. These are skills you can learn by studying 'An English Accent'.

You can hear that conversation here.

In the Book

Each chapter contains a section on IPA as follows:

Chapter IPA
1 Introduction
2 Crossword
3 Transcription 1
4 Countries & Capitals
5 Transcription 2
6 Alphabet 2
7 Syllabic Consonant
8 Transcription 3

Free Sample

Download a free sample of 'An English Accent' coursebook with audio as a pdf by clicking here.